Do you ever think that safety and compliance testing slows your innovation and product launch?

UL Consumer Technology is a global leader in ensuring that products are safe and compliant and product launches happen on time. We audit, test, inspect and certify all consumer technology products to ensure they are safe for your customers to use and compliant to the regulations.

But we know that the cost and time required to achieve certification gets in the way of innovation, it slows you down. UL understands that you need to get your product to market on time. We know how to ensure your products are safe and compliant at a cost that makes sense.

We are specialist in safety and compliance testing and we have expert engineers waiting to help. We are chosen by people who care. This applies just as much to the engineers in our teams as the customers who work with us. We are known for supporting successful product launches and leave you feeling in control.

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UL Consumer Technology is committed to simply and speedily guiding technology-driven manufacturers through the certification process, helping to ensure their product is compliant and ready for market.

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Good engineers understand compliance-testing protocols. But excellent engineers can also communicate effectively, keeping you on schedule and up to date.

Our engineers are constantly writing blogs and sharing the latest industry news to keep our customers updated on current compliance related issues … it pays to keep up to date.

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UL offers regular updates of compliance-related issues through High Tech Direct. Whether new standards, country-specific regulatory changes or dealing with emerging technologies, it pays to keep up. We tell you when the rules change – and how.

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